Been attending the South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI) conference in Adelaide this past week. I’d like to write some reflections soon, but here are my immediate reflections at the time…as poems. A conference is a lot of learning to absorb at one time, that’s for sure.



Days a-filled with knowledge broad

A rolling wave, informing

The researcher, teacher, parent bow

To thrust the child and student forward


A forward journey, target bound

Of arrow formed and ready

To launch from varied places trod

Next steps in each one’s story


Day or knight, we ne’er can tell

What changes may surprise us

But onward ,upward, kindred all

Press on and innovate – regardless



Gina Marie




A knight will champion

His liege’s cause

And so we need crusaders

Who go to battle

March on the walls

The battlement, overtakers


You’ve crumbled walls

Built bridges tall

Overreaching troubled waters

The scaffold now

We climb aboard

To extend the reach you bought us


And so we follow knights of old

Who’ve fought to bring together

Those left behind

Who now may find

Connection through this tether



Gina Marie

On the occasion of Phia Damsma receiving her Knighthood from the King of the Netherlands

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