Wisdom, Maturity, Growth

I was once asked what made me grow. My instant response was, trauma and pain.

James in the Bible says testing grows endurance, and when endurance is done we are complete.

Chuck Swindoll says:

By accepting life’s tests and temptations as friends, we become men and women of mature character. There is no shortcut, no such thing as instant endurance. The pain brought on by interruptions and disappointments, by loss and failure, by accidents and disease, is the long and arduous road to maturity. There is no other road…Periodically, however, we will find ourselves at a loss to know what to do or how to respond. It’s then we ask for help…When we have responded as we should to life’s blows, enduring them rather than escaping them, we are given more maturity that stays with us and new measures of wisdom which we are able to draw upon for the balance of our lives.

Endurance doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing though. But persisting until the trial is through or settled. Maturity and wisdom for the balance of my life. That’s what I want: maturity, wisdom, balance! I guess I will count the trials of life a joy (not enjoy the trials though), ask for help to learn how to manage, work through and sometimes even change them because in the end I will be able to become mature, wise and BALANCED.

Do you want that too? Balance?


    1. Lovely to hear from you ambivalencegirl. I’ve heard balance described as a regular see-sawing of up & down rather than on a constant level. I like the thought of that.


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